Salvador Dali Divine Comedy Suites

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Work Authenticated by the late Albert Field

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About Albert Field

Official Recognized Expert To Salvador Dali

Albert Field is founder of the Salvador Dali Archives; for more than fifty years, and with the written permission and enthusiastic support of Salvador Dalí, Albert Field has been assembling and maintaining Dalí's official Archives in New York City.

In the course of his research, Mr. Field has made 37 trips to Europe, and two to Japan, visiting museums and private homes in thirteen countries.

He has assisted in the preparations of Dali exhibitions in New York, Montreal, Paris, Stuttgart, Zurich, Tokyo, Barcelona and Madrid.

Over the years, Mr. Field maintained frequent contact with Dali, at his home in Spain, and in New York and Paris.

He has appeared on Canadian television, on CBS's program, "60 Minutes", and in several documentary films on Dali's life.

Mr. Field has translated original articles by Dalí for publication in books and magazines, and has written on the art of Dalí. He is the author of: "The Official Catalog of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali" (Cataloge Raisonne). Mr. Field is currently working on a new volume which explores Dali's sculptures, coins, plates, and other three dimensional objects.

Mr. Field has assisted in eighteen government investigations of possible art fraud and has testified in several court cases, always being accepted by the court as THE Recognized Expert on Salvador Dali. Many museums and galleries have referred owners of Dalí works to The Dali Archives.

Albert Field attended Columbia College and has a graduate degree from Harvard University.

The Art World and Dali collectors will miss the contributions of Mr. Albert Field, Nov. 8, 1916 to Aug. 4, 2003.


Photos taken June 2002 during the authentication process of Mr. Albert Field, President

and Mr. Frank Hunter, Vice President of The Salvador Dali Archives LTD.

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