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Salvador Dali Divine Comedy Suites

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Work Authenticated by the late Albert Field






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Salvador Dali Authentic Woodblocks

from the Divine Comedy

  Artist: Salvador Dali, Spain, 1904 – 1989

Series: The Divine Comedy

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S For Sale

From "The Divine Comedy" suite

By Master Salvador Dali...

These 52-year-old, Original & Surrealistic "MASTERWORK" is a highly detailed Woodcut Engraving by the Renowned Spanish Artist "SALVADOR DALI" (1904-1989). Dali is listed in virtually every Art Reference Manual known to the Art World! The foremost expert of Master Salvador Dali’s works, Mr. Albert Field, has personally authenticated this fine piece of art with his signature in verso. This authenticated INVESTMENT quality print by the Legendary Artist “SALVADOR DALI”, will CONTINUE TO RISE IN VALUE as it has done Since the Time of his Death in 1989. These Woodblock Etchings from The French Edition of The Divine Comedy regularly appraise for and sell in Galleries at $1,200.00 to $2,000.00 dollars. These auctions starts out at a fraction of Art Gallery prices, to help ensure that the winner will receive an immediate "Built In" Equitable Value, for a Great Future Return on Investment! The condition of this magnificent "Work Of Art" is also Good and its Authorship plus Authenticity is 100% attested to by Mr. Albert Field of “The Salvador Dali Archives LTD.”. This Premier, Museum Quality, & Authenticated Piece, is now being offered for just a Limited Time Only. With so many questionable pieces on the market today, you can finally be assured of an Investment Quality "Work Of Art" by an Internationally "Listed" Spanish Master Artist, without the ART GALLERY Price Tag to go along with it! In addition, there is no other asset, which enriches your Home and Life while it appreciates in value more than Fine Art does!
Suite 395 Enfer Gallery
Suite 395 Paradise Gallery
Suite 395 Purgatory Gallery

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